The great bead cleanout continues.

While I’m busily cleaning out my beady stash, I’ve  been having an etching festival!

etched beads

A sampling of the recently etched beads. Love these!

Have you ever tie-dyed anything? I have. When I did start a tie-dying project, it usually started innocently enough – oh, a few white t-shirts that friends wanted dyed – that kind of thing. And then, well, let’s just say it’s pretty hard to resist those beautiful pots of dye once the six t-shirts are done. Invariably, I start hunting down  sheets, clothes, anything that has the potential to be FABULOUS dyed. Yep. I haven’t had to be forcibly stopped yet. Yet is the operative word.

Anyway, etching is much like tie-dye. Once I start, ah, everything seems to be a candidate. Often, the beads are improved, or at least, slightly different in a pleasing way. I’ll be listing some on eBay this week.

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