Meet David

On June, 5th, 2011, my brother-in-law passed over. There was a lovely service for him on June 17th. In addition to his family, there were many friends in attendance, especially members of the Snohomish County Search and Rescue. David was involved with Search and Rescue for decades.

While chatting with my sister-in-law at the service, I mentioned a conversation I had with Dave several months ago. He had asked if I would be his financial power of attorney in case of emergency. Of course, I said yes. Dave and I got to talking about wills, final wishes, and all that. I don’t recall how this came up, it may have been when he said he wanted to be cremated, but I mentioned that some people have their cremains (the ashes left after cremation) made into diamonds and sometimes beads.

He thought beads would be a great thing and asked if I would do this…then he said that his sister probably wouldn’t like it. I told him I’d do it if he wanted. When I told my sister-in-law (Dave’s sister) this story, she immediately said she wanted a bead from Dave’s ashes.

News spread. His friends from Search and Rescue wanted beads, too. And so, we took Dave’s ashes home with us and I made David Beads. I like to think that he was with me while I made them. It was my first time making a bead with cremains, but I was honored to do so. And now, here’s Dave…

David Beads

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3 Responses to Meet David

  1. M says:

    This… Is amazing.

  2. vicki savage says:

    These are beautiful…. I am going to show to Sandy tonight. Wonderful memorial to Dave, it is a comfort that folks follow through on our decisions when we can’t. Vicki

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