Holy cow! It’s been crazy busy here. One reason is…

Bert, the Australian Sherpherd rescue dog

Bert, the Australian Shepherd rescue dog

Bert, the Australian Sherpherd rescue dog

Bert, again.

We have a new family member. He’s a sixty-three pound Aussie Shepherd. He’s a moose, too. Love him madly! We’ve been spending time getting to know each other. He’s getting a grip on the house routine and we’re getting used to some of his behaviors. Some are endearing, some, not so much.

He’s totally food motivated – surprise! That makes for easier training in some regard, but one cannot leave food unattended. At. All. He counter surfs and table surfs. He has also figured out that human treat-dispensers sometimes leave goodies in their unattended pockets. Easy score! We now have three jackets with chewed out pockets. He’s nothing if not determined and patient.

Oh, and I’ve had a moment or two to make some beads. More on that later.

Love you!

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