Hola! My name’s Deborah and I make glass beads! That’s the short story. You can bail on the rest unless you really want the long story.

Still reading? O.K.! Here’s a little more detail…

I live in the far northwest corner of Washington State, in the foothills of Mt. Baker. It’s gorgeous. I’ve been here for about 13 years. The landscape is amazing!

Rainbow in the backyard

This is what I see out my back door. Ahhhh!

I live here with my husband, also known as Mr. Wonderful. The Mom, aka Grandma,  lives with  us part time.

I’ve done some type of creative work all my life – it seems to go in overlapping 10-15 year stretches. First, I sewed for a living – opera costumes, wedding attire, interiors and quilts. After I was done with that, I ventured into the food business. I’ve done just about all types of restaurant gigs and even owned a deli. When my husband and I decided to sell the deli, I took some of the money from the sale and bought out a bead wholesaler’s stock of semi-precious gemstone strands.


I know! That’s what my husband said!

Well, I bought the beads to sell on eBay. This was back when eBay was still a privately owned company – before it became the behemoth it is today.  It was a little less crowded then. I was already selling off my sewing stash – quilting fabrics, vintage kimono, etc. (following me so far?) I was running out of stuff to sell and I didn’t have the deli for income anymore so, I became a bead enabler! My eBay seller name is/was artforms.

If you sold online back then, it was useful to know html to make your ads pretty. I learned all I could and taught myself how to build websites. This turned out to be a great thing because wholesalers found out about eBay and it became difficult for me to compete with the big dogs. I forayed into web design. (who knew?)

However, as most of you may  know, once a bead comes into your life, things change. Although I kept doing web sites for a living, I was still interested in beads. I learned how to make jewelry, polymer clay beads and then, ta-da – glass!

And here I am. I make glass beads and offer them for sale. If you have any questions, let me know.

I am often asked for a picture of myself. I used to say that I don’t show up on film, but, we’re digital now. So, here’s a not great shot, but it’s one I have handy. My glasses are different now. Must update the pic…soon!

Deborah, your friendly glass bead artist. heh

Deborah, your friendly glass bead artist. heh

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